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Commercial Sales

Commercial accounts often require a large quantity of line items on a quote and someone to manage the open quote (configuring deals and quoting with multiple vendors, for example). Defining the “stages” of the sale, the IRIDIUM tool helps companies to set goals, forecast, and attract new accounts.

As such, the Commercial Sales solution helps to manage your entire sales process, from the initial point of sale to the automatic delivery of an electronic receipt.

Streamlining the paperwork trail, a quote can be easily created and immediately turned into a sales document. The quote can also be emailed to the customer or account for review.

When a deposit is necessary, the tool will generate a pre-invoice that can be printed and then and used to collect payment. Accommodating flexibility as the sales associate negotiates the terms of the sale, the tool can track discounts from list price or cost plus as well as fixed price deals.

Sales associates can also administer purchase orders for “special sales” that are created on the fly (this includes quoting items not currently in inventory).

Once a commercial sales order is complete, the tool maintains communication between purchasing and sales departments and allows the sales associate to view the commissioned earned on each account.