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New Quotes
Using the IRIDIUM® Retail Management Software tool, new quotes are easily created for both new and existing customers. Using sophisticated search algorithms, the tool populates new quotes with all existing customer information. This information can be easily updated, and the changes are reflected throughout the rest of the system. Universal billing and shipping information may also be updated based on new and existing quote data. Additionally, quotes are automatically expired based on user-defined configuration settings. Quotes may also be created and approved for items not currently listed in the inventory system. To more-accurately track expected profit margins, costs may be entered for these items.

Won or Lost
Quotes may be tracked based on a “won” or “lost” status. Approval of quotes occurs on a case-by-case basis, providing additional control over the sales process. “Won” quotes may be converted into either sales orders or invoices to reduce additional labor during order fulfillment. When quotes are “lost,” sales representatives must categorize the loss using a pre-defined, configurable, list of reasons. The representatives may also enter additional comments about the loss in a specialized text field.

Quote Inquiries
Quote inquires can be conducted for a specific location, or across all locations. Search criteria include: specific quote numbers, open or closed status, approved or unapproved status, and won or lost criteria. Profit margin percentages and additional notes are also displayed when a quote identification search is conducted.
Quote Tracking
Quote status may be tracked based on creation date, expiration date, quote number, sales representative ID number, customized payment terms, amount, profit margin, and the location from which the quote was created. Sales order status may be tracked based on creation date, sales representative ID number, and the location from which the sales order was created. Invoice status may be tracked based on sales representative ID number, sales order number, delivery ticket number, customer/company, due date, and transaction type. Lead-source tracking records which marketing channel the customer used to locate the business (newspaper ad or radio commercial, for example).